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Report: 2023 Student Exhibition

Installation view

From October 30th to November 2nd, 2023, Artuta held our 2023 Student Exhibition at Tappeto Volante. The exhibit featured a selection of artwork chosen by students, complemented with additional pieces selected by Artuta instructors. It showcased not only the work from our Summer Art Camp and Observational Drawing classes, but also from our Online Drawing Salon,  displayed using a projector on the wall.

We  would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the students who participated in our Student Exhibition, your contributions were invaluable and we couldn't have done it without you! Also a big thank you to everyone who supported Artuta and our students by attending the exhibit. We eagerly hope to have many more art exhibits in the future.

Thank you to our partner, Tappeto Volante, for offering a creative and supportive environment for our students to learn about and make art in, while being surrounded by art. And a special thank you for offering our young students an opportunity to exhibit their works on your walls. 

Preparing and selecting artwork for an exhibition is not just about showcasing talent, for students it is a crucial part of self-discovery and sharing personal interests. Through this process, students learn to effectively organize their portfolios and affirm their unique potential.  

If you’re interested in  Artuta’s 2024 Summer Art Camp, registration begins January 15th. Register early for a discount. 

Here’s to more fun and excitement through the power of artistic expression!


Artwork Recap

We are proud of all our students and would like to highlight select student work!

Summer Art Camp - Designing a Business Card

Student Age: 18

Summer Art Camp included a couple of days where students learned about Graphic Design. In this course, a prompt was given to build an imaginary company and reflect that business through graphic design elements in a business card. Embracing the prompt, this student conceived an imaginary publishing company. Carefully designing the business card and its font style, and the company's statement.  The use of hand-written fonts and whimsical cartoon characters are especially striking.

Notably, the business card features a unique folding format that seamlessly connects the front and back. The top half acts as a bridge, possibly symbolizing a metaphor akin to 3D glasses. Could this be an invitation to view the world through their imaginative lens? The design cleverly hints at a gateway into another world, showcasing the student’s creativity and conceptual thinking!


Summer Art Camp - Reflective Drawing

Student Age: 11

For this session, we explored the theme of “reflection” through a variety of materials. The first piece, set against black carbon paper, showcases an interesting use of the material. The student used the carbon paper to frame and incorporate found images creating monochromatic miniature portraits. The carefully cut edges and composition of each piece, give them the distinguished appearance of photographic portraits, which is quite striking. 

The work in the middle, also uses carbon paper and involves the transfer of an image of a flower. The student added color and collage elements, resulting in a vibrant fusion of hues. Adding another layer of depth to the piece are the use of newspapers and lettering as patterns. 

The third piece is from a Mirror Drawing exercise, where participants take turns copying each other’s drawings to collectively create an image. This series of works, when viewed together, demonstrates a remarkable cohesiveness, and a clear articulation of the student’s artistic vision.


Summer Art Camp - Site-Specific Project

Student Age: 12

Site-specific artwork takes into account both the visual elements and the historical background of a location. Delving into the realm of site-specific art, this student's work masterfully intertwines elements from the gallery's exhibition space. His piece reflects figurative subjects from the exhibit artist’s paintings and incorporates the concept of time. Capturing the connection between human activity and nature.

What stands out is the uniquely shaped paper—irregular yet intentional, it  breaks the traditional boundaries of rectangular frames. The use of negative space punctuates the flow of the artwork, providing a visual cadence that draws the eye. The color palette, though broad, is meticulously chosen to create a harmonious blend that unifies.


Observational Drawing

Student Age: 12

Our usual Observational Drawing classes at Tappeto Volante teach students skills to understand elements such as light and shade—a crucial component in creating depth and dimension. This student’s work shows a strong  grasp of these concepts.

The first  drawing is a traditional self-portrait. It demonstrates careful attention to light and shadow, capturing realistic facial features. The instructor guided students to think about the direction the light was coming from. The student's expressive style, paired with detailed rendering and a bold use of contrasting lines, results in a striking and harmonious representation.

The center portrait, created entirely  from memory, reveals the student's budding ability to interpret three-dimensionality. The piece on the right, deconstructs facial features—eyes, nose, mouth, and ears—later it is reassembled on a larger scale to understand facial composition.


Thank you for coming by!

Sum up!

We hope the work we shared encourages and inspires those thinking about enrollment in Summer Art Camp or our other courses. While most of our in-person classes are for students ages 11-18, younger students are welcomed to join so long as they can maintain the pace of the class. We also offer Private Instruction for individually tailored lessons. These classes can be held at Tappeto Volante, in your home, or online. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Summer Art Camp Early Registration >>> Early bird campaign runs until February 29th. Register today!



Hello! I'm excited to meet you at Artuta! As a New York-based artist originally from Japan, I bring a blend of diverse cultural influences to my work and the classroom.

My primary artistic focus is  painting and drawing.  I'm passionate about sharing  insights and skills I've gathered over the years with aspiring young artists!

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