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Report: Artuta’s first Teen Art Camp at Tappeto Volante

This summer Artuta launched our first Teen Art Camp! We partnered with Brooklyn gallery, Tappeto Volante to provide a creative space to learn about and make art. The camp took place from July 5th to August 31st, each day providing a new project designed and taught by Artuta instructors and fine artists, Kosuke Kawahara and Joan Hacker. Our camp allowed students the opportunity to explore different artistic practices, materials, techniques, and expand their creativity.

Tappeto Volante Projects

Instructor Kosuke and his students in the gallery space, about to create art

Learning about and making art in a gallery space is very special. Not only did some of our projects incorporate the current exhibition, students also gained inspiration from the work they saw hanging on the walls. Some of the projects we designed for the Teen Art Camp included: collaborative zine making, site specific installation art, comic book drawing, observational and perspective drawings.

Coming to a consensus about the arrangement of our collaborative zine

At the end of each class, students are asked to share their thought process in creating their work and the elements that they may have found enjoyable or challenging. In this way, critical thinking, learning how to talk about art, and self reflection is also practiced.

It’s safe to say our Teen Art Camp was a hit! Students walked away having used new materials, learned about new types of art, artists, and art making techniques. If you are interested in our Teen Art Camp program for summer of 2024, we are accepting registration as early as this winter! Sign up your teen to develop their art portfolio, expand their creativity, or explore a new interest!

To see the masterpieces that our students created at Teen Art Camp, attend Artuta’s Student Exhibition (date to be announced)! Our students will continue to learn about different aspects of art by exhibiting their work.

In addition, Artuta continues to partner with Tappeto Volante this fall to bring you weekly courses on Observational Drawing. If you’re interested in joining, click on the link for more information.

In-Person Classes:

Online Classes:


Jessica Lee

Hello! My name is Jessica. I am a collage and soft sculpture artist based in New York City. I am originally from East Los Angeles, California. I love making things and believe that art is an extension of yourself. I am always excited to see what Artuta students create!

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