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We are now accepting reservations for Season 8♪

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Artuta plans classes with different themes and learning goals for each season. Today, we are happy to announce that Season 8 is starting on July 9th.

There are many exciting updates to the 6 weeks of classes in Season 8! See below for more info.

Creative Drawing

In Season 8, we focus on drawing tools and techniques. Specifically, we prepared 6 learning goals for the season. Since we interact with everyone in class and create artwork together, class content may change depending on participating students. New students can join any week as every week will be structured similarly.

Sound Art

Specific learning goals have been added to each class in order to dive deeper into the world of sound art. Each week we will learn a new topic within the lens of a particular sound art practice, for example: sound drawing, field recordings, instrument building, synthesizers, and sound visualization video.

Trial Class

In Season 8, we offer trial lessons to the first-time learners.

Try our class for only $10 now and give your child a fun activity to do at home!

Check classes here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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