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Private DIY birthday card workshop for friends and family!

Looking for a new birthday party idea? We got you!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new program called Birthday Workshop!

It’s a private session where friends and family can participate in creating hand-drawn birthday cards & thank you cards together. You’ll also receive a special gift from us!

Birthday Card art work example

This private workshop comes with 3 options;

  1. Normal plan - In this plan, we will do a creative drawing session. Required materials are papers and drawing tools (i.e. Pens, Crayons)

  2. Collage plan - This plan is a creative drawing & collage session. Required materials include: paper (colored paper and scrap paper) and drawing tools.

  3. Sound Art plan - For this plan, we will create a sound card. We will send you the materials. (Additional fees required)


  • 45 minutes (For a group of up to 8 people)

  • 60 minutes (For a group of 9-12 people)

  • 80 minutes (For a group of more than 13 people)

*The duration of classes are negotiable, please ask for more information.

Our availability

  • Fri, Sat & Sun from 9:00am - 6:00pm (PST)


Prices vary depending on the plan, number of participants, class duration, and materials (if applicable).

Please contact us for a quote.

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