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Now accepting reservations for the 2023 Spring Session!

A sample from a Spring Session class for students ages 7-9 (Week 4)
A sample from a Spring Session class for students ages 7-9 (Week 4)

Is it Spring yet?! March is a few weeks away, which means our Spring Six-Week Course is about to begin!

Our Spring Six-Week Course is designed for students ages 7-9. Students will develop their creativity and artistic practice with a focus on color this season. Each class will center on the foundations of color and help students develop their relationship and understanding to it. Our instructors will demonstrate art making techniques using a range of materials and as always, students are encouraged to experiment and “go beyond” their imaginations. Here are descriptions of the weekly class content.


Animal drawing

Week 1: Creative Drawing - Animal Patterns

Have you ever wondered about how animals have patterns of spots and lines to blend into their environment? What if you could create your own animal with its own kind of camouflage? That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in week 1. We will invent our own animals and the kinds of environments they inhabit.

Vegetable? drawing

Week 2: Creative Drawing - Vegetables

In week 2, students will imagine themselves as farmers who create their own hybrid vegetables. Turn on the imagination by learning how to use shapes to begin perspective drawings. The class starts with line drawing and progresses to shapes, which then become the foundation for a unique, three-dimensional image.

Flag drawing

Week 3: Creative Drawing - National Flag

In week 3, students will learn about the representation of colors through examples of national flags. The class will begin by introducing symbols of colors in different flags, then students will create a flag from their own imaginative nation with the knowledge they gained.

Home drawing

Week 4: Creative Drawing - Designing Your House

What if you could have any house you wanted? What shape would it be? What kinds of rooms would you have? What kind of environment would it be in? Would it even be on planet Earth? Week 4 is all about exploring color in relation to our living environment. Students are encouraged to think about the relationship between their home and community and as always to go beyond!

Watercolor drawing

Week 5: Watercolor - Observational Watercolor Painting

In week 5, students will apply their understanding of color study to observational watercolor painting. They will be asked to find a household object to depict, then experiment with various color combinations. Students have a choice to paint like a realist or an impressionist painter:)

Hide and seek drawing

Week 6: Creative Drawing - Hide and Seek Drawing

In the last class, students will have fun using a gel light filter sheet to make drawings. The light filter sheet will give drawings two distinct looks. At the end of the class, students will present the “hide” version of the drawings and others will guess and “seek” what’s been drawn.


2023 Spring Session begins March 5th, 2023 to April 16, 2023. Artuta classes are capped at five students per class, in an effort to build group engagement. Our instructors reserve time for presentations, discussions, and reflections at the end of each class. Artuta’s virtual classes are from 10-11 am Eastern Standard time. Our small class size allows many students to make friends with students in different time zones and all over the globe. Register now to reserve your seat for an exciting Spring Session!

For more information, please check out this link to our website.

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