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Live Art Classes to

Expand Your Child's Horizons


Trial Class

Exclusive for first-time students

Japanese, English

From Ages 4

Try our class for only $10

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Sound + Drawing

Learn how to see and draw sounds!


From Ages 8 & Adults

45 min


Creative Drawing

Channel your inner artist!

Japanese, English

From Ages 4

45 min

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday



Kosuke Kawahara

Drawing & Animation Instructor

Joan Hacker

Sound Drawing Instructor

Our focus


Nurture the creative mind.

Think outside the box.


Foster individuality.

Express yourself freely.


Embrace your art.

Build confidence.

Why learn art online?

It's true that online classes have a lot of constraints when compared to in-person learning, but the greatest benefit of online classes is that it allow you to join from anywhere in the world and learn with people from different places. Creating art and sharing ideas with others from different places or different cultures will expand your horizons and help you grow. Being able to meet new people, not limited to where you are living, is the beauty of online classes. And art brings all of us together.


What people say

Smiling Woman with Glasses

It was just perfect.

 My son asked for it every day after the first session!

-Parent  of  a 4-year-old student

Woman in Grey Sweater

Loved the fun atmosphere.  And I could tell the instructor is such a nice and caring person. My daughter really loved Artuta Gallery too. It keeps her motivated.

-  Parent of a 5-year-old student

Young Professor

Even  I enjoyed watching the instructor drawing live! I also liked how the instructor encourages students to draw what they like instead of having them draw the same thing.

- Parent of a  4-year-old student

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