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Report: Fall workshop in Prospect Park! Larger than Life Drawing.

Our Fall workshop was in session on Sunday, October 16th, 2022! Artuta had the Larger Than Life Drawing Workshop in Prospect Park, Brooklyn near the Prospect Park Carousel around 10 am. Students arrived to see an extra long and wide piece of paper spread out in the grass, along with boxes of oil pastels, markers, color pencils, paper, and glue sticks.

Jerry sitting beside a large piece of paper

Our instructor for the morning, Jerry Chan greeted everyone and explained that we would be experimenting with scale on this extra large sheet of paper. Jerry demonstrated by making the first mark on the sheet by drawing the outline of trees that surrounded our meeting spot.

Jerry demonstrating the drawing on the sheet

Students were invited to remove their shoes, grab a marker, and step onto the paper and draw; whether it was to extend the outline of the trees, create new environments, or just experiment with drawing on a large space.

Everyone started drawing on the paper

We had five students, ranging in age from four years old to eleven years old. Each student found a spot on the paper and started drawing. Everyone had unique and distinct ways of drawing and each student drew inspiration from different places. Some students observed the environment surrounding the workshop, drawing nearby trees and structures. While others used their imaginations to create new environments and scenarios. Some students drew from the heart and were inspired by narratives.

Everyone was drawing, sharing materials, space, and experiencing what it’s like to draw on a bigger scale.

Some are drawing and some people are watching

Jerry, Kosuke and Jessica (art assistant) were drawing along with the students. Jerry suggested ideas of what each person might draw next and asked questions to guide the students. Everyone was engaged with what they were creating, learning how to share space and materials with others, as well as communicating needs. Slowly the entire paper began to fill up, what started as individual drawings slowly turned into a community drawing with what may seem like an out of this world narrative. Check it out and see for yourself! :)

A large piece of paper filled with a lot of drawings!

Here are some close ups of the community masterpiece!

After drawing for an hour or two, Jerry asked the students to stand up and take a look at what we made together. He asked each person to share what their favorite part of the piece was.

I think it’s safe to say, everyone had a fun time!

Everyone watching their drawing!

Thank you to all the parents and students who joined us for our Larger Than Life drawing workshop! We had a great time creating together under the sun in plein air!

Showing the drawing

Our next workshop is only a few weekends away! Our next workshop will have a live monster! We will be having a Halloween monster figure drawing class for the whole family on Sunday, October 30th, 2022 at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX). Come join us!!

For anyone who may be interested in joining our future workshop or classes please check out our website,

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