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Report: Artuta’s Second In-person Workshop! Making Original T-shirts in Brooklyn.

People wearing their T-shirts they made

On July 24, 2022, Artuta held a T-shirt making workshop at the Brooklyn Art Exchange (BAX). Six students and their families participated in the workshop, everyone seemed excited, and each student came with an image prepared of what they wanted to draw!

People drawing on their shits on the floor

The theme of the class was "T-shirt making” and the purpose was to make original T-shirts using special art materials.

Artuta prepared the materials used for drawing and painting on fabric by providing fabric pens and fabric paints for the class. Special colors that glow in the dark were also available. Artuta instructors, Kosuke and Joan created colors requested by students, some students mixed their own colors.

Each student began drawing images they wanted on their T-shirts in their unique ways. Some students sketched and drafted before drawing, some drew directly on the T-shirts, while others drew looking at photos. Everyone's drawing style was different.

People drawing on their shits on the floor

A woman drawing on their shits on the floor

The atmosphere was very calm, each student painted silently while concentrating on their work. They were really into the project and inspired each other. This was a unique result from the in-person workshop.

A man drawing on their shits on the floor

The parent of a student also joined the workshop, they were also concentrating on their work as the others were. T-shirt making can be enjoyed by students of all ages!

Artuta's classes are designed for children, but the potential for creativity is not limited to children, adults can also improve self-confidence by freely expressing ideas through art and making.

Artuta plays the role of triggering a spark of the imagination. We do not instruct people to achieve the same goals but provide a place where everyone can freely express themselves.

Drying his painting on his shirt with dryer

After completing paintings on the shirts and drying them with a dryer, an iron was used to set the ink into the cloth. Ironing the shirts will keep the colors from fading, even after washes.

The teacher holding Iron and the child watching it

Here are some unique T-shirts that were made.

A boy standing with his own painted shirt

A leaf drawn on the shirt

A shirt with a nice leaf. The student prepared a sample image of the leaf and drew it onto the shirt. The use of light blue and green shows his originality. The one-point pattern is stylish.

A person standing wearing the painted shirt

Drawing some graphics before painting on shirt

In this artwork, multiple colors have been mixed to create a beautiful gradation. The shape, size, and placement of the graphics are very carefully balanced. It seems the student visualized the overall result by drawing the graphics before painting.

The student drew their favorite basketball player to cover the entire back of the shirt

The student drew their favorite basketball player to cover the entire back of the shirt! The details in the facial expression and the lively bouncing action are all expressed. By deciding in advance what to draw, they were able to decide where the best placement would be that matched the image they had in mind!

This T-shirt had a twist!

The painting on the shirt glows in the dark

He created a design that glows in the dark! The wrinkles on the uniforms were painted with colorful fabric paints to create a more dynamic and impactful finish.

The painting is glowing in the dark

Another student also used colorful fabric paints for their works using special materials that can broaden the range of expression in artwork.

After the workshop, we received a comment from parents: "I am glad that the children enjoyed it.”

Students wearing their painted shirts

Artuta's in-person workshop was a great success! We look forward to the next class, which will be even more powerful, drawing from the experience and reflections of our earlier classes.

We are planning a "T-shirt making workshop on Zoom" on August 14th (Sunday)! Let's make original T-shirts together! For details and registration, please click here!


Now recruiting students!

Our next session starts on September 14th, 2022. It's a six-week curriculum that will expand children's creativity focusing on drawing, watercolor, paper cut-outs, and more.

For more information and to register for classes, contact us here!

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