Artuta’s Second In-person Workshop! Making Original T-shirts in Brooklyn.

On July 24, we held a T-shirt making workshop at the Brooklyn Art Exchange. Six students and their families participated in the workshop.

Everyone seemed to be looking forward to the day, and each student came with an image of what he/she wanted to draw!

Today, we would like to share with you a report from the event!

The theme was "T-shirts making”. The purpose was to make original T-shirts using special art materials.

Artuta prepared fabric pens and fabric paints for the class. These were the materials used for drawing and painting on fabric. By ironing after drying, the colors will not fade even after washing. Special colors that glow in the dark were also available. Kosuke and Joan created the colors requested by the students, and the class started!

Students began to draw the image they wanted on their T-shirts in their way. Some students sketched and drafted before drawing, some drew directly on the T-shirts, and some drew while looking at photos. Everyone's drawing style is different.

Students continued to paint silently while concentrating on their work. They requested the colors they wanted to use from the instructor or mixed the colors themselves to create their favorite ones.

The atmosphere was very good, with each student concentrating on his/her work, and everyone inspiring each other. I felt this was a unique effect of the in-person workshop.

The father of one of the students also joined the workshop. He was concentrating on his work as others do so. Making T-shirts is a theme that can be enjoyed by students of all ages.

Artuta's classes are designed for children, but the "potential for creativity" is not limited to children. Adults can also improve their self-confidence by freely expressing their ideas through art and having their ideas evaluated.

Artuta's theming plays the role of a trigger to spark the imagination. We do not instruct people to "achieve the same goal," but to provide a place where everyone can freely express themselves.

After the painting was completed, dried the paint with a dryer and ironed it on. This would allow the ink to set on the cloth.

Here are some of everyone's unique T-shirts.

T-shirts with a nice leaf. He prepared a sample image of the leaf and drew it. The use of light blue as well as green shows his originality. The one-point pattern is stylish.

In this artwork, multiple colors such as blue, red, and yellow are mixed to create a beautiful gradation. The shape, size, and placement of the graphics are also very carefully balanced. It seems that she was able to visualize the overall result by drafting the graphics before painting.

He drew his favorite basketball player all over the back! The details such as facial expressions and the lively bouncing action are all expressed. By deciding in advance what they would like to draw, he was able to prepare T-shirts in a shape that matched the image they had in mind!

And this T-shirt had a twist:

He used colorful fabric paints to create a design that glows in the dark. The wrinkles on the uniforms were painted with colorful fabric paints to create a more dynamic and impactful finish.

Another student also used colorful fabric paints for his works.

Using special materials that are difficult to prepare at home broadens the range of expression.

After the workshop, we received a happy comment from parents: "I am glad that the children enjoyed it.”

Artuta's in-person workshop was a great success. We look forward to the next class, which will be even more powerful, taking advantage of the experience and reflections from earlier classes.

We are planning a "T-shirts making workshop on Zoom" on August 14th (Sun)! Let's make your original T-shirts together! For details and registration, please click here!


Now recruiting students!

Our next session starts on September 14th, 2022. It's a six-week curriculum that will expand children's creativity focusing on drawing, watercolor, paper cut-outs, and more.

For more information and to register for classes, contact us here!

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