Artua's First In-Person Workshop. Monster Figure Drawing at Prospect Park!

The Monster Figure Drawing Workshop took place at Prospect Park on July 10! 13 students and their families participated in the event, which was a great success.

It was Artuta's first face-to-face class. Since our instructors Kosuke and Joan were very excited about the first in-person project, they continued improving the monster mask & costume until 2 am on the day!

Today I will report on the event!

This class was "Figure Drawing''. The purpose of this class was to observe and depict an object. A real-sized scary (but even cute!) monster appeared.

At the start of the workshop, students gathered gradually.

In the regular class, we usually start with warming up, but this time we skipped warming up because it was easy to understand the drawing target.

Students sit or lie down wherever they like and start drawing!

Student👦: "Do I have to draw a Monster as it is?"

Joan👩: "No, you don't. You can draw it anyways you like."

Though we had a sketch object, we did not ask students to precisely depict it. Students were free to create their world. For example, an original monster that students came up with while looking at the walking monster, or a narrative drawing inspired by our monster.

Students freely worked on their drawings on a large piece of paper by using a variety of drawing materials Artuta prepared, such as pens, colored paper, and glue.

Even students who had never tried figure drawing yet were able to naturally observe and concentrate on the details of the sketched object because of its uniqueness.

Students spent about 30~40 minutes completing the work. Each work was all different and full of individuality. Here are some of their unique drawings.

It looks like a world inspired by the monster. The monster looks like it is walking in a meadow or flying in the sky. Something is sticking out of its face! He added originality to his work, rather than just sketching it!

This one shows the detailing on the monster well! If you look at it closely, you can see that the original monster is also drawn. Did he come up with his version of the monster when he was sketching? Lovely!

One of the characteristics of Artuta class is that even if students take the same class and work on the same theme, they will create a work of art that is unique to each of them. Through conversations with students, instructors encourage students to think outside the box and express themselves freely.

It was our first in-person workshop, and it was so successful that we added additional space. It is also possible to participate in a face-to-face class with the feeling of "I want to join because it looks like fun!" Thank you very much for your participation!

We are planning a "T-shirts making workshop on Zoom" on August 14th (Sun)! Let's make your original T-shirts together! For details and registration, please click here!


Now recruiting students!

Our next session starts on September 14th, 2022. It's a six-week curriculum that will expand children's creativity focusing on drawing, watercolor, paper cut-outs, and more.

For more information and to register for classes, contact us here!

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