Joan Hacker

Sound Drawing instructor


Teaches  sound art classes 

From Brooklyn, New York

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Joan and I am a Sound Art instructor here at Artuta.


I have performed all over the world in underground bands and as an improviser in New York City. I have given several presentations exploring the relationship between meditation, sound and music subculture. My current musical practice centers around techno and noise music. My work as a sound artist specifically deals with multichannel soundscapes in constructed social spaces and draws upon my experience as a meditation teacher. 

At Artuta, my aim is to introduce students to sound art concepts while fostering creativity in their approach to the medium. I cover a broad range of topics including connecting seeing and hearing through sound drawing and a sound greeting card to more technical projects such as sound visualization, building an instrument and recording with a contact microphone.

My intuition tells me that art cannot be taught; but curiosity and zeal can be inspired in others through one’s own love for a subject. As a teenager in Seattle during the 90s, I developed my love for experimental music and have played in various bands since, as a singer and instrumentalist. I moved to NYC in the late 90s, graduating from Sarah Lawrence College with a BA and having discovered that I wanted to pursue the arts. Most recently, I’ve finished coursework for my MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University, focusing initially on installation and lately on video. I continue to compose, record, perform and sound design, and work as a photographer, videographer and designer.I have exhibited and performed through online advertising, the New York Public Library, Times Square, Anthology Film Archives, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Fridman Gallery, Experimental Intermedia, and my work has been featured in publications including Vice, Art Forum, The Wire, Kerrang!, Detroit Metro Times, Bizarre, Decibel, Brooklyn Vegan, Denzatsu, Cvlt Nation among others.

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